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Writer’s Block, Sleeping on Planes, Sleeting on Panes and Sour Straws

This daily writing thing isn’t going as well as I’d hoped it would. A combination of the lack of a computer, a busy schedule and the simple fact that I do not sit down until 8 p.m. at night have combined to keep me from getting this ball rolling, other than a couple of Lost reviews (with a couple more in the cannon, don’t you worry).

In previous attempts, I would be discouraged. Not this time. This time is different. That’s because, if I don’t have anything overwhelmingly amazing to say… I’m going to say something uninteresting. That’s why I started a blog and not, say, a half hour television broadcast. Well, that and the fact that I tend to make fun of all local TV personalities and I am not, if anything, a hypocrite.

• The fan Nichole and I keep in our room to drown out the noise from Division Street threw craps a couple of weeks ago, and since then we’ve been sleeping with a white noise app on the iPhone. Does anyone else use this? I wake up in the middle of the night and I truly think I’m on a plane. The only difference is it’s easier to get to the bathroom and the stewardess who comes by the bet with peanuts every half hour is way nicer than your average Delta hag.

• It snowed today in Springfield, which means that nothing else happened. The official policy at the Community Foundation is that we don’t close the office unless Missouri State University cancels classes, which means I might get a snow day once every two or three years. And that’s fine. By the time you’re 32 years old, you really should be beyond pining for days off work anyway… unless you work in education. Then the only thing worse than a treacherous drive to work is a day at work with a bunch of kids complaining that school wasn’t canceled. It’s the Circle of Annoying Life.

• If the entire world were made up of dark chocolate and Sour Straws (preferably the strawberry kind, but sour apple are okay, too), I would be a very happy diabetic man.

• I forgot to mail my aunt’s birthday card (her birthday was Jan. 2) and I just found the envelope in my car after swearing up and down I had mailed it. If you’re reading this, Aunt Amy (and you’re not), I apologize. Cards are big, big deal in my family, a tradition that my wife doesn’t understand and I haven’t done a very good job to carry on. I’m particularly useless when it comes to mailing them. Just be warned, in case you ever join my family.

• Nichole and I finished Season 3 of Mad Men today. Holy crap. Aside from a couple runs of Lost and perhaps mid-Season 5 of 24, it’s the best three-episode arc of a television series I’ve ever seen.

• I get to go to Reeds Spring and Bradleyville tomorrow, then come home for a long weekend. Who needs snow days?


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