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Lost, Season 1, Episode 9: Solitary

Welcome to the Lost Re-Re-Rewatch Project. In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. This is my fourth round-trip to the Island, but my first time attempting to chronicle my thoughts on the show on an episode-by-episode basis. The mission: A post per episode. Nothing so epic and theory-heavy as Doc Jensen’s great stuff at EW.com, which I highly suggest you read (the theory game is a bit moot at this point anyway), but hopefully it will help scratch both my writing itch and my Lost itch at the same time.

Episode 9: “Solitary”

Overall Episode Grade: C

There are three episode-types in Lost: Those that are essential to the folklore of the show; those that are building blocks, though you have no idea at the time; and Kate episodes. “Solitary,” which introduces characters and themes/places that wind up impacting the show in significant ways, is one of the second types.

Still, very little of any real impact happens here, unless you are a huge Sayid fan. Though why wouldn’t you be? All Americans love a reformed Iraqi soldier, amirite? In “Solitary” we get a hearty dose of Sayid’s background, which I won’t dwell on now because, in truth, it just doesn’t matter.

Speaking of Sayid and the infinitely handsome actor who plays him, Naveen Andrews (C’mon, admit it–he was the whole reason you went to see The English Patient with that freaky indie chick in high school), check out this clip of him on Ellen. The British accent is most disconcerting (Also: mild Season 2 spoiler alert).

Now that I’ve assured that my wife is watching, let us count the little ways in which this show is mildly important:

1. We meet Danielle Rousseau. She provides a wacked-out-island-bitch face for the voice we heard on the distress signal in the pilot. She tells Sayid–on the lam since he tortured Sawyer–about the “Others” on the island and says they stole her daughter. Sayid is skeptical (like any good reformed Iraqi would be).

2. We meet Ethan Rom. Quick, someone better do a census and see who wasn’t on the flight manifest! Hurley? Hurley?!

3. Oh, Hurley’s building a golf course, trying to get everyone to have fun, because that’s all the writers can find for Hurley to do at this point in the show. And boy do they have fun! Everyone has a grand old time watching principal cast members hit balls in the grass. And even ol’ rascally Sawyer, fresh off having his fingernails pried and an artery severed by Sayid, even gets in on the fun. That said, the golf course segments are among the more fondly remembered scenes of season one, if only because people are, you know, smiling. Thanks, Hurley!

4. At the beginning of the episode, Sayid finds a cable running along the beach and into the water. *Click* Season 3 Likes This!

5. Sayid hears the voices and becomes the original “Others” advocate.

6. Walt feels jilted by his dad and goes and hangs out with Locke. Just kidding! That doesn’t matter at all! Also, I can’t tell if Walt is purposely sporting a Tall-T and rocking a fad from the early ’00s, or if he’s just wearing clothes they found that are too big for him. Either way, bad look for a rich kid from Australia.

"Dude, where's my par?"

Episode: “Solitary”
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Best Scene: Okay, okay, I’ll dabble in the flashbacks. Sayid’s scenes with Nadia (his true love) and his sacrifice to get her out of Army hands are very well done. Iraq just looks like a completely shitty place to be a military man. Honorable mention: Hey! We hadn’t seen Shannon in a bikini in like two episodes! And that’s pretty much the only reason to keep her around, right?
Best Line: Sawyer to Kate when she tells him she’s headed to Hurley’s golf course: “A doctor playing golf? What’s next… Cop eating a doughnut?” Of course it’s all in Josh Holloway’s delivery. That writing kind of sucks.
Worst Line: “Accidents  happen when you torture people, Jack.”: Kate to Jack when she explains why Sayid left and he claims Sawyer’s injuries were an accident. Jack, you should listen to Katheryn Ann Austen, here, for she is the unabashed voice of peace and reason on the island. Little known fact: This exact line also appeared, verbatim, at lease twice in each episode of 24.
Best Throwaway Moment: Hurley and Charlie dancing on the green while Jack lines up a shot is pretty iconic. For people who gravitate to the “funny” characters in their dramas, this shot is like Charlie Bucket’s annual birthday Wonka bar.
Worst Scene: The final golf scene. Jesus. Sawyer finally tries to make friends, and who are the only three people who have something to say about it? Kate. Boone. Shannon. Um, he’d probably be nicer if you three would just shut up and look pretty.
Revelations: Rousseau is alive… and CRAY-CRAY!; Weird whispers are in the jungle; There’s a freaky cable running from the jungle into the ocean.

Next Episode: “Raised by Another,” where female Aussie accents go from “cute” to “cut me”.

(All images and ep-title links are courtesy Lostpedia.com)

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