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Lost, Season 1, Episode 13: Hearts and Minds

Welcome to the Lost Re-Re-Rewatch Project. In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. This is my fourth round-trip to the Island, but my first time attempting to chronicle my thoughts on the show on an episode-by-episode basis. The mission: A post per episode. Nothing so epic and theory-heavy as Doc Jensen’s great stuff at EW.com, which I highly suggest you read (the theory game is a bit moot at this point anyway), but hopefully it will help scratch both my writing itch and my Lost itch at the same time.

Episode 13: “Hearts and Minds”

Overall Episode Grade: C+

Let’s get this out of the way: Shannon and Boone are not Nikki and Paulo. They mattered. It’s not the characters’ or the writers’ fault that (SPOILER ALERT) Ian Somerhalder had prospects that would eventually include a little show called The Vampire Diaries, or that Maggie Grace wanted to go make The Mist, or whatever else we might have accidentally seen Maggie Grace in since 2004. Boone and Shannon had an arc, dammit… and this episode makes up about 75 percent of it, and 95 percent of their back story.

The Island’s lone surviving bother-sister duo are (shocker!) not actually brother and sister, but step-brother and sister, with all of the Cruel Intentions-style sexual tension but none of the X-rated dialogue. Pity. Boone is obsessed with Shannon, who has over the years been playing him for every cent she can get from him. Why? Unfortunately you have to wait until Season 2 (more on that in a second).

But she’s begun hanging around with Sayid, and Boone doesn’t like that. He grouses to Locke as only a future-CW star can grouse. So Locke, like the awesome-psychopath that he is, knocks Boone over the head and rubs some peyote-paste in his wound.

I won’t ruin what happens next, other than to say it’s trippy and a little gimmicky. It involves the Monster and some of the more grotesque wound-makeup work the show has to offer during its run. Does it serve to shake Boone from his pointless obsession? It seems so, but at what cost to Boone’s soul and psyche?

In flashbacks we see just how effed-up the duo’s dynamic is. Shannon calls Boone from Australia; she makes it pretty clear she’s being beaten by her boyfriend. Boone flies Down Under immediately, and we get the feeling this isn’t the first time he’s done so. Once there he offers to buy off the boyfriend for $50,000. But when he comes to pick up Shannon he finds out he’s been duped–and not for the first time–and gets pounded by the Aussie meathead. Fast forward to that night. A bloodied Boone is in his hotel room and a drunk Shannon comes to his room. She says the meathead split with the cash. Do we believe her? Not really. She seduces Boone. They engage in some PG groping and fall to the bed as the screen fades to black. After, she says nothing will change going forward.

Here’s my problem with the whole Boone-Shannon (and particularly Shannon) storyline: There’s a reason to feel bad for her, but the show doesn’t bother to share that reason with the viewers until halfway through Season 2, and by then she’s made the acquaintance of Ana Lucia and it’s a bit too late to invest in the character. (Spoiler-filled link to the episode “Abandoned” here.) “Hearts and Minds” comes across as perfunctory; the producers know they have to introduce us to Boone and Shannon, but don’t do a good job of telling us who they are, instead opting to titillate us with the taboo. Giving us this story, worked into TWO Season 1 episodes about Boone (more psychoanalysis of this do-gooder, please) and Shannon (move the Season 2 flashback to Season 1 to create empathy for the girl) would have been a good idea. Of course, at this point in Season 1 they probably didn’t know if there would be a Season 2. Still, they couldn’t have dropped one of the three Kate episodes this season?

But I digress. In the end these are minor characters whose usefulness diminished once the show’s viewership hit critical mass. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve better.

The rest of the show in a nutshell:

–Sayid’s compass isn’t working. Magnetism doesn’t work on the island like it does elsewhere. File that shiz away for Season 2.

–Boone and Locke are still unearthing what will eventually be The Hatch. The rest of the group is noticing that they’re not catching anything on their hunting trips. Hurley is kind of a dick to Boone about it. Hurley: “This isn’t a game, dude.” Boone “It’s not like they’re domesticated animals.”

–Sun is tending a garden and it’s starting to bear fruit. She smiles during a conversation, and Kate realizes she understands English. Rut-roh.

–In one of Boone’s flashbacks we see Sawyer being led through a Sydney police station. FUN FACT TO KNOW AND TELL: Lostpedia notes this is the first time two characters cross paths in a flashback scene.

"Yeah, Bernie? I just read the next seven scripts for 'Lost.'" I wouldn't toss out that 'Vampire Diaries' pilot script just yet."

Episode: “Hearts and Minds”

Director: Rod Holcomb

Best Scene: Boone’s post-Peyote salve happenings are pretty interesting, if you like jungle chases and viscera. And if you like stepbrother-on-stepsister fiction, I suppose you’ll enjoy that particular part. But for my money it’s the scene where Jack confronts Locke about the lack of boar. Locke says they’re migrating away.  Away from what?, Jack asks. “The most dangerous predator of all,” answers Locke, with a creepy look full of meaning. These two are always good.

Best Line: Jack asks Charlie what he thinks of Locke. “If I had to put my trust in one person on this island, it’s John Locke.” This hypothesis will be tested ad nauseam.

Best Throwaway Moment: Hungry Hurley asks Jin to help him learn to fish. the language barrier is a pain. In a moment of exasperation Hurley teases Jin: “Your wife’s hot.” The whole Hurley-Jin dynamic is pretty funny, really

Revelations: Boone and Shannon’s relationship is more tawdry and damaging than we could have possibly expect; there’s weird magnetic issues on the island;

Next Episode: “Special”

(All images and ep-title links are courtesy Lostpedia.com)

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