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Lost, Season 1, Episode 14: Special

Welcome to the Lost Re-Re-Rewatch Project. In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. This is my fourth round-trip to the Island, but my first time attempting to chronicle my thoughts on the show on an episode-by-episode basis. The mission: A post per episode. Nothing so epic and theory-heavy as Doc Jensen’s great stuff at EW.com, which I highly suggest you read (the theory game is a bit moot at this point anyway), but hopefully it will help scratch both my writing itch and my Lost itch at the same time.

Episode 13: “Special”

Overall Episode Grade: C+

Tired of paragraph after paragraph of rehashing, so I’m going to recap this episode in double dactyl. I hope you like.

*Note: May not be PERFECT double dactyl, since six-syllable words are tough to come up with.

Higgledy Piggledy
Walt is so “Special” he
makes Scarlet Ibus-ies
fly into walls.

Michael’s his estranged dad
jealous of Locke who has
held Walt in thrall.

Hankey Pankity
Flashback to NYC
Circa 1-9-9-6
Walt’s ma knocked up.

Mike is an artist who
Buys a sweet crib for his
yet unborn pup.

Hibbery Jibbery
Mom moves to Amsterdam
“It’s best for the baby,”
Spirits away.

Michael (still not working)
Quite unabashedly
Yells on a payphone
Hey bitch, no way!

Yappidy Slappidy
One second later Mike’s
Hit by a gold sedan
(He is okay.)

But Walter’s gone for good,
Australian citizen,
Lawyer ma, stepdad are
All work, no play.

Higgledy Piggledy
Knock at the door one night,
stepdad’s a douche who can’t
keep Walt… Mom’s dead.

Mike goes to pick him up,
Steals retriever Vincent,
paternally, he is
over his head.

Higgledy Piggledy
Back on the Island now
Claire is still missing but
Everyone’s chill.

Mike wants to build a raft,
Walt isn’t buying it
So pre-pubescently
Being a pill.

Higgledy Piggledy
Mike and Locke come to blows.
Boone, he’s Locke’s new henchman,
Bloodies his nose.

Walt has run off again,
after his dog Vincent,
Sulking he goes.

Hicketty Picketty
Trapped by a polar bear
First one we’ve seen since the
First episode.

Despite the bad CGI
Locke and Michael decide
To bury the hatchet,
Toss Walt a rope.

Higgledy Piggledy
Rest of the episode?
Not much more exciting
Than the main plot.

Kate learns Sun knows English
While they work the garden

Veggies. No pot.

Bippity Dippity
Charlie reads Claire’s journal
Juvenile tendencies
Coming to bear.

Boone and Locke still hang out
Alone in dark jungle.
Rustling in the dark…
Who’s that? It’s Claire!

Episode: “Special”

Director: David Yaitanes

Best Scene: I rather like the entire flashback in the episode. You get a good, reasonable explanation for why Michael and Walt are such strangers, though you would think (even in Australia) that it would be a little more difficult for an adoptive stepdad to give up a kid. The fact that Michael tried to write Walt but his wife hides the letters makes Michael much more sympathetic as a father than he was before. The scene where he tells Walt they’re moving (and Michael Shanghai’s Vincent) is quite good.

Worst Scene: That polar bear. TERRIBLE CGI. Makes the Dharma Shark from S6 seem like James Cameron stuff.

Best Line: “He’s different… as long as we’re here I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential.” Locke to Michael when they’re arguing about Walt working at throwing knives. All of the Walt-Locke “destiny” and “visualize the knife” work is well done.

Best Throwaway Moment: Michael complains to Jack about Walt’s disobedience. “Didn’t you listen to your old man?” Jack: “Yeah, maybe a little too well.”

Revelations: Walt is “Special” and makes things happen (like making the exact bird he’s reading about fly into a window when he’s angry); Walt’s mom took Walt away from Michael; the stepdad was freaked out by Walt, gave him back to Michael after the mom died; Kate knows Sun speaks English; from her diary, Charlie learns Claire has been dreaming of a place called “The Black Rock” (also that she likes him); whuddya know? Claire’s back!

Next Episode: “Homecoming”

(All images and ep-title links are courtesy Lostpedia.com)

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