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Don’t Call it a Comeback…

I’ve been here for, literally, years.

Okay, maybe not as long as LL Cool J, but long enough to feel the need to reannounce my presence in the blogosphere. The Lost Re-re-re-watch hit a snag around the holidays, and without my friends on the island to act as my muse, my recreational writing habit stalled as well.

But I’m back, thankfully with pantsloads of ideas and new and interesting things to talk about. Two words: potty training.

I’ll be resurrecting the Lost Re-re-re-watch where I left off (I think someone just died… I mean, odds are good right?) last winter, and hopefully putting some new, regular content up as well. I may not have much for the masses besides sharing Lost minutiae and maybe some obscure knowledge about the Toronto Blue Jays from the late ’80s, but what the hell?

“Knock ’em out.” – Mama

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